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Song Chunming  President, Chief Expert
Over 40 years experience in industrial and capital operation; Specializes in industrial clusters control; Handle government relations; International and domestic capital operation; Have good cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign financial capital, e.g. JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, CITIC Group, China Development Bank; Industrial and capital synchronization control management experience.
Specialize Areas: Capital Operation, International Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions Restructuring, Hong Kong Listed, Industrial Cluster Management
Diao Hongwei  Vice President Senior Expert
The CAS Professor, more than 30 years electrician experience in technology research, published a large number of academic papers and research, specializes in electrical and electronic technology frontier analysis.
Specialize Areas: Electrician, Electronic, Technology, Crafts
Zhang Dong  Manager, Consulting Director
Has over 10 years experience in market research, market survey, management consulting, engineering consulting, IPO listed consulting, depth investigation. Long-term sustain focusing on advisory services. Specializes in depth interviews, data processing, viewpoint summarizes. Have a large project experience in the areas of new energy, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, power, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, daily necessities and etc.
Specialize Areas: Industrial Chain Survey, Depth Interviews, Industry Planning, Management Consulting
Eric Cho  Senior Analyst
Has over 20 years experience in semiconductor companies (such as Renesas, Infineon, etc.) work experience. Worked at the international top-level market research firm IDC Gartner Isuppli. Familiarize with the Semiconductor Industry and market research.  Has a depth of management consulting experience in industrial management and research survey.
Specialize Areas: Semiconductor Industry Chain, Management Consulting, Market Research
Yd Noam  Senior Analyst
Has over 40 years experience in software design and market research. U.S. citizenship, Israeli Jews.
Specialize Areas: U.S. ICT Industry and Information Services
Li Jing  Senior Analyst
Psychology Master. Worked at the Psychology Institute, Beijing Normal University and other psychology research office. Familiarize with the psychology and statistically. Published numerous research articles on psychology, statistically and related magazines journals. Specialize in consumer satisfaction survey, statistical data processing and analysis.
Specialize Areas: Satisfaction Survey, Consumer Behavior, Psychological and Behavioral
Yang Yongming  Senior Analyst
Stanford University Dr.  Has over 10 years experience in IC design and operating management. Specialize in China-US capital operations and market entry consulting services. Has successfully assisted more than 5 international companies enter the Chinese market, establishment China office or branch. Has successfully established the Sino-US team gets significant amounts of venture capital, and to promote the project China landing.
Specializes Areas: Market Entry Consulting, Technology Consulting, the Capital Operation, Sino-US Project Landed Service
Liu Zhihua  Senior Analyst
Hong Kong University Postdoctoral, Automation professional. Has over 5 years experience in automation research design. Published large number academic papers and research. Specialize in automation technology consulting, leading edge consulting, technical upgrading consulting services.
Specialize Areas: Technical Consulting, Management Services
Liao Weihong  Senior Analyst
Has over 10 years work experience in China Telecom. Familiarize with the full range of business about base station, fixed telephone, wireless, broadband and other telecommunications equipment and services. Familiarize with ICT domain consulting services and technical services.
Specialize Areas: ICT Consulting, ICT Technical Services
Wang Zhongtang  Senior Analyst
Has over 10 years work experience in Shandong Aluminum. Familiarize aluminum industry chain (alumina, high purity aluminum, electrolytic aluminum and other products) technology, process, equipment, market, enterprise management and the national market structure. Worked as Shandong Aluminum Industry Technical Director. Has a number of technical innovation and invention.
Specialize Areas: Aluminum Industry Chain Technology, Engineering Consulting, Management consulting, Strategic planning
Zhou Jianwei  Senior Analyst
Has over 10 years work experience in power supply bureau. Familiarize with the Chinas power industry (power generation, transmission, distribution and power supply, others) full range chain production, supply, required, operation, management, the future development consulting and strategic planning.
Specialize Areas: Power Management Consulting, Strategic Planning
Wu Chunxin  Senior Analyst
Has over 10 years experience in Johnson, 3M and other materials engineering R & D. Familiar with technology consulting and management planning services about material technology, materials technology R & D, material formulation technology, etc.
Specialize Areas: Material Formulation, Materials Technology, Technology consulting
Yu Yong  Senior Analyst
Software tests experts Specializes in automated testing tool applications, performance testing. Provided software testing guidance and training to a number of well-known companies. Had several articles published in the programmer magazine. His published books Software Performance Testing with LoadRunner combat , Mastering Software Performance Testing with LoadRunner combat , Software Performance Testing with LoadRunner combat has named a 2008 Ten Outstanding original IT book author by 51CTO.
Specialize Areas: Software Testing, Operation and Management, Management Planning, Strategy Consulting
Zhang Heng  Project Manager, Senior Engineer
Automation Master, signal processing experts Proficient in the MATLAB algorithms simulation, hardware board design, FPGA and DSP program design. Presided over the development of radar guns, ranging radar and other radar products. The design pulse Doppler radar gun reach to leading precision indicators, has been highly praised by customers. Over 10 articles, papers, patents, research reports published. Main publications include smart meters design, the vehicle CAN bus applications, an efficient matched filter, an efficient FPGA-based floating-point arc tangent method .
Specialize Areas: Information Processing, Radar Measurement, Management Consulting
Gui Zhao  Senior Analyst
Has over 10 years experience in automotive wiring harness enterprise market. Familiar with the domestic and international automotive wiring harness market, product strengths and weaknesses and supplier relations, familiar technology trends and market trends, automotive wiring harness market dynamics, familiar with the technology trends and market trends,  in automotive wiring harness market automotive wiring harness enterprise management consulting familiar the merits and supplier relationship, automotive wire harness business management consulting.
Specialize Areas: Automotive Wiring Harness Market Operation and Management, Technology Consulting
Chen Zhiping  Senior Analyst
Has over 35 years experience in industrial management and factory management. Familiar with women and children economy about elderly economic research and analysis including Ms. underwear, childrens diapers, etc. Familiarize with business management and international trade.
Specialize Areas: Maternal and Child Economy, Older Economic, Business Management, International Trade
Liu Qiangfu  Senior Analyst
Worked in Taiwan MIC, Taiwans Topology Research Institute and other research and consulting firm. Has over 8 years experience in consulting research. Operation a large number consulting projects Independent.
Specialize Areas: Semiconductor, ICT, Electronics, LCD, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Research and Investigation
Brad Kim  Senior Analyst
Worked at Display Search Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Familiar with the Korean manufacturing and the automotive industry economic landscape and the business features. Understand Korean government policies and subsidies mode. Unique insights on the domestic and global markets in Korea.
Specialize Areas: Korean Economy, Industry Research, Global and Japanese and Korean Market Survey
Gao Jian  Senior Analyst
More than 15 years HR experience, used to be HR Director in a private company which with more than 10000 employees, focus on HR Management Consulting, Labor Cost Control , Personnel organization structure design and consulting
Specialize Areas: human resource management
Li Xiaoping  Senior Analyst
More than 10 years working experience in Guangdong Guangzhou Railway Group, as the director of its technology department, skilled in railway construction operation, Familiar with the High Speed train track traffic management.
Specialize Areas: Rail transit technology consulting
Li Yuming  Senior Analyst
Sweden_KTH Royal Institute of Technology Geological doctor, researcher at the CAS of earth, with deep unique experience of geological research, once in the domestic and foreign academic journals published a large number of geological research forum and scientific research, analysis and technical advisory services of geological exploration
Specialize Areas: Geological science and Technology Information Engineering Consulting
Lin Haiyuan  Senior Analyst
Haidian Hospital chief physician for more than 8 years of chief physician experience, familiar with the domestic hospital operation mode and the medical and health service system, to provide medical and Health Advisory Service
Specialize Areas: Medical consultation service of hospital operation system
Wang Xiaoyi  Senior Analyst, Project manager
Economics major; rich experience in data processing, focus on market development and product competition development pattern of the photovoltaic field and related products. Participated in and chaired a number of large companies and organizations subjects. Mainly include: Global Inverter Market Research And Survey Analysis, Global PV Industry Deep Research Report , Chinese Hydro-generating Unit Industry Deep Research Report  etc.
Specialize Areas: Photovoltaic Field, Wind Energy Field, Energy Fields
Tan Xiaohu  Senior Analyst, Project manager
Economics major; has several years experience in industry analysis and research, Specializes in research on current affairs, finance, monetary areas and policy investigation. Focus on the study of new energy and new materials field. Be responsible for and participate in more than 20 projects. Including:  The Global And Chinese Rare Earth Industry Deep Research Report ,  China Rare Earth Reduction Alternative Technical Analysis Report ,  The Global And Chinese Industrial Silicon Industry Market Status And Forecast ,  The Shanghai Regional Energy Management Analysis Report  etc.
Specialize Areas: Non-ferrous Metals Field, New Material Field, Energy-saving Field
Xiao Shiqiang  Senior Analyst, Project manager
Agriculture, economics background; Hosted and participated in projects:  Electrochromic Glazing Project Feasibility Study ,  Efficient Heterojunction Solar Cell Project Feasibility Study ,   Situation And Development Trend Of Global Animal Vaccine Market ,  Global Biological Products Industry Status Quo And Development Trend Of Forecast etc. Electrochromic glass project involved throughout chaired is the first production line of Asia, which has started construction. All the projects are highly recognized by customer. And most projects are commenced or completed.
Specialize Areas: Agriculture, Forestry, Medicine Field, Energy Storage, Bio-engineering
Hu Huanhuan  Senior Analyst, Project manager
Medical management science major, medical products field analyst; has several years experience. Focus on product research process and market development pattern about vaccines and blood products. Presided over a number of large companies and research institutions entrust pharmaceutical strategic planning and consulting projects. Including:  Influenza Vaccine Industry Deep Research Report ,   Rabies Vaccine For Human Use Industry Deep Research Report ,   Human Albumin Industry Deep Research Report , Human Immunoglobulin (pH4) For Intravenous Injection Industry Deep Research Report  etc.
Specialize Areas: Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Medical Devices
Liu Puwei  Industry analysts, Researcher
Financial management major, automobile and new energy field analyst; Focus on development pattern of the automobile and its spare parts market. Presided over a number of important customers and research institutions entrust auto parts products research project. Including:  The Global And Chinese New Energy Automobile Industry Deep Research Report , Chinese Automotive Hose Industry Deep Research Report,  Chinese Automotive Wiring Harness Industry Deep Research Report,  China Automotive Seat Industry Deep Research Report  etc.
Specialize Areas: Automobiles and Auto Parts, Construction Machinery, Special Equipment Field
Rao Huan  Industry analysts, Researcher
Engineering Master; has field experience in the field of plastics, rubber, fiber, leather, cement, ceramics and other materials. Have depth study in Materials Science and Engineering. Several professional articles published in well-known journals. Including Synthesis And Preparation Of Polystyrene Nanospheres ,  Project About Concrete Cracks Measure Supported By China Building Materials Research Institute,  Chinese Academy Of Sciences Knowledge Innovation Project – The Study Of  High Flux Ultrafiltration And Nanofiltration
Membrane, Imbibition Oil Recovery Literature Investigation Supported By Institutes Of Oil Recovery, PetroChina Research Institute Of Petroleum Exploration ,  Cardiac Stent Industry Deep Research Report  etc.
Specialize Areas: Materials Field, Biomedicine Field, Chemical Industry
Gao Nan  Industry analysts, Researcher
Engineering background; Civil Engineering construction and materials field analysts. Focus on R & D process and market development pattern about mechanical and thermal insulation materials. Has presided over several research institutions projects. The main host and participate in the subject:  Global Market Situation And Development Trend Of The Insulation Board ,  Construction Heavy Machinery Market Situation And Development Trend ,  XPS Industry Deep Research Report ,  PU Industry Deep Research Report  EPS Industry Deep Research Report ,  MDI Industry Deep Research Report etc.                      
Specialize Areas: Urban development planning, construction work and materials field, general equipment field.
Xin Qi  Industry analysts, Researcher
Economics major; Non-ferrous metal products field analysts;  Focus on the development of non-ferrous metal products market. Presided over and participated in a number of non-ferrous metal products strategy planning and consulting projects. Including:  The Global And Chinese High Purity Aluminum Industry Deep Research Report ,  The Global And Chinese Electronic Aluminum Foil Industry Deep Research Report ,  The Global And Chinese Etching Foil Industry Deep Research Report , The Global And Chinese Forming Foil Depth Industry Research Report  etc.
Specialize Areas: Industrial Process Research, High-purity Aluminum Foil Products Field, Non-ferrous Metals Field.
Jin Linghui  Industry analysts, Researcher
Environmental engineering major; has several years experience. Focused on medicine and financial fields research. Has been involved in a number of industries depth survey project. Including:  The Global Vitamin E Industry Deep Research Report  The Global Vitamin C Industry Deep Research Report  ATM Industry Deep Research Report ,  JE vaccine Industry Deep Research Report  etc.
Specialize Areas: Industry Chain Analysis, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Products Research, Financial Equipment Field.
Sun Xiangnan Industry analysts, Researcher
Statistics Major,media, FMCG field analyst,focusing on the print media, Internet service, fast moving consumer goods market development, participated in several depth research project. Mainly includes: "China Beverage Industry Report", "Internet user behavior depth Research Report", "network tool user satisfaction survey report" "print media advertising satisfactory depth research report," etc.                      
Specialize Areas: User satisfaction Research, study satisfaction FMCG industry field, media (new media) field.
Song Bin Industry analysts, Researcher
Electrical engineering and automation Major, machinery and equipment, industrial and medical fields analyst, focusing on industrial machinery and equipment, medical equipment, and major equipment components market products, strategic planning and related consulting projects. achievements Include: "Global and China linear guide rail industry depth research report", "Global and China automatic dispenser Deep Research Report", "Global and Chinese medical monitors depth research report", "Global and Chinese medical display Screen depth research report "and so on.                      
Specialize Areas: industrial automation equipment field, the field of medical machinery and equipment, industrial chain analysis, important parts of equipment and other fields.
Yuan Jingrong Industry analysts, Researcher
Sports training Major, New materials and sports equipment products sector analyst, Focus on sports equipment, Sports rehabilitation equipment, And the main equipment parts market product strategy planning and related consulting project. achievements Include: " Deep Research Report on China Steel Cord Industry ", " global and China nano silica industry depth study ", "Market Research Report on Global and China Treadmill Industry", "Market Research Report on Global and China Elliptical machines Industry" and so on.                     
Specialize Areas: Sports equipment, rehabilitation physical therapy equipment, industry chain analysis, equipment, important parts etc fields.
Sun Yongsen Industry analysts, Researcher
Majored in Biomaterials Engineering, focuses on Polymers and Biomedical Materials.research achievements include "Preparation and application of bioactive ceramics", "The hybrid of biomedical glasses and organic/inorganic components", "Preparation of collagen scaffolds by radiation technology", "The market research report on the development of Chinas  photovoltaic glass" etc.
Specilized Areas: Biomaterials, Chemical reagents, Scientific instruments.