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QYResearch 2016 annual summary of recognition of the General



QYResearch will hold a 2016 QYResearch Annual Summary Meeting, which will be held December 25, 2016 to December 26, 2016, according to local branches in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, etc.) and Los Angeles. Summary and deployment work starts at their annual meeting venue and thanks for QYResearch'staff to hard work and silence in the past year. In order to summarize the work of the branches and arrange the 2017 plan and objectives, the conference will showcase the company's good weather, flourish, friendship and cohesion.

QYResearch designs research and marketing centers in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, etc.), USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, India and Hong Kong. Is expected to gradually expand the company in the future, leaving footprints around the world QYResearch.
QYResearch has made great breakthroughs and progresses in 2016. It has gained the trust and support from more and more customers.QYResearch has obtained the recognition of many clients by providing one-stop solutions such as consulting and landing for data analysis. China, the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Our business covers more than 30 industries including energy, automobile, pharmacy, chemical, agriculture and so on. And more than 4000 world leading customers Cooperation, and gradually increase the number of customers.

All regional meetings are at the beginning of the annual meeting, focusing on the company's development status and annual summary of future goals, combined with the company's development and the current situation and the development of new changes in the industry in-depth discussion and explanation. In the positive results, lessons learned while encouraging employees to further their own in order to contribute to the power of QYResearch more.

Review and summarize the results of the development of the company in 2016, arrange the company's overall work in 2017;
Leaders at the annual meeting to sum up the speech, explain the current situation and objectives;
Strengthen staff exchanges, improve team awareness and enhance staff cohesion;
Through the reward of outstanding staff, mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, and promote staff progress;
The General Assembly to carry out sweepstakes, prepared a wealth of incentives to inspire you in the new year, the work has been new progress
So that employees participate in the General Assembly of the game, full of self-display, to stimulate vitality and rich corporate culture.
Strengthen leadership and staff, staff and staff exchanges and interaction between the annual meeting, in recognition of the process of this family of QYResearch.

Efficiency priority, to ensure that the project submitted in more time to expand the project on the basis of depth and breadth of the investigation, in all aspects to improve project quality. Better customer service.
We are committed to improving the quality of our reports and providing a satisfactory report to our clients. QYResearch always strives to be the best.
Under the guidance of the leadership of the company, work together to better serve our customers, the completion of higher quality standards, the company do a good job, do a better service, more customers trust a common struggle.